Lymore Girls aims to create long lasting positive impacts, on young people’s behaviours, attitudes and aspirations. We aim to bring girls together and give them a sense of belonging and to create more responsible, confident and positive young females, who will not be easily led into a life of crime 

or violence. 

With the power of football, we engage and teach young girls to set goals, improve and reach their full potential. With the promise of Lymore to bring everyone together to achieve more, this group will send a positive message to the young females of the importance of fitness, health and well-being, allowing them to create long lasting friendship groups which will in time lead to social change. 

Football teaches key life skills; such as discipline, communication and resilience. We hope to tap into young people’s passions allowing them feel more confident in life and equip them with key life skills to overcome everyday challenges they could face.  When young people are supported by mentors, positive role models and other community leaders, they are more likely to become better community members and aspire to become role models themselves. 



Lymore Girls is a football club that aims to encourage, mento and support females under 11, every Saturday on Martin Primary School field... 

It will run term time; between September 2019 to March (23 Sessions) on Saturday mornings from 10am -11am at Martin Primary School. There will be two coaches and manager who will coach and mentor this group. We will also advertise for young mentors to help support throughout the project.


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in Partnership with CommUNITY Barnet

Julie PAl, Cheif Executive Officer, Community Barnet, 1st Floor, BArnet House, 1255 High Road, London, N20 0EJ. TEL: 020 8364 8400.


Saturday mornings from 10am - 11am at Martin Primary School.

Lymore Girls is a football club that aims to encourage, mento and support females under 11. We love our local girls, parents and community, so feel free to visit us during the session.

Lymore Garden Girls FC | Our Girls Can

Martin Primary School, Plane Tree Walk, London, England N2 9JP, United Kingdom




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